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Zen and the Art of Constructing Buildings

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Our design process involves the analysis of existing contexts and programmatic requirements in order to extend these elements into one another. Architecture is the mediator that negotiates the intersections between these internal and external aspects. It designates and defines a boundary, an overlap, a gradient or a seamless merge.

This blog will serve to expand on and develop this thinking.  I will show projects in progress, and give short statements about what stages we are in – from conceptualization to construction.  I will also include my thoughts on the process – how we came upon the design, and what might have caused us to modify our thinking, from comments to problems we have found in the field.  This will ultimately blend the realities of construction with the design ideals that we have conceived, a process that I believe makes great architecture.

I am sure this story will evolve much like the story of our projects, through my own realizations and hopefully from the comments I receive…

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