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Pipes and Posts

The new plumbing is in place, which might seem like a minor victory – but when remodeling a home, the work is much more challenging than building new.  There are always undiscovered conditions (the dropped floor in this photo was one of them).  There is a need for constant oversight, and a lot of on the fly thinking and problem solving.  It helps that I’m on site almost daily – many contractors will shoot first and ask questions later.  However, we are fortunate to have very conscientious guys in the field…

To add a little to the challenges, some of the work done by a previous contractor needs to be removed.  Here’s a photo of some of the items that will be removed in the next few days.  A great example of the work of a cowboy like the one I mentioned above:

The PSL you see above was cut down from the required 11 inches to 9.5 inches so it would fit in the ceiling.  They added left the existing saw cut beam under it – but the two materials will not work together.  Very convenient for finish drywall, but not too convenient for the building to stand up.  The big post cap hardware will need to be replaced as well…

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