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Baran Studio is Hiring!

We are looking for experienced and rounded architects, designers, and project managers for full time positions. Scroll down for various requirements and descriptions. Please email us at if interested.


The Architecture: We have built a reputation on providing creative and innovative solutions to challenging problems. We strive to create high quality design that balances the conceptual with functional concerns. With a focus on ideas and process, our designs evolve as unique adaptations to existing constraints, and consider multiple disciplines including interiors, landscape, construction, and real estate development. Currently our work includes commercial warehouse renovations, office tenant improvements, and residential projects with the majority of our work being new construction of single family dwellings and multi-family apartments. Our clients are a mix of homeowners and developers; we offer fee development services; and are involved in our own development efforts.

The Studio: We are a young and energetic small studio with bootstrapping origins and ethos. Our studio environment can be described as rather light-hearted and sometimes rough around the edges, but we are also a diverse and tight knit and group that takes our work very seriously. We are highly collaborative, and encourage individuals to take ownership of process and projects.We support individual growth by engaging them completely in the project process, from initial concepts through construction and occupancy. We value efficiency and life-work balance; we work hard during regular hours, and generally do not request overtime effort.

Compensation We offer our employees a creative working environment with room for professional growth and full benefits including Health, Dental, Vision contributions, PTO, Paid Holidays, Licensing Benefits, and Discretionary Bonuses. Salary is commensurate with experience. Baran Studio Architecture is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Application Instructions To apply, please send a resume, cover letter, and relevant work samples as PDF attachments.


Project Manager: Requirements

  1. Degree in Architecture from an accredited university

  2. Minimum of 7-10 years of experience.

  3. Experience managing large scale Multi-Family projects

  4. Leadership skills and experience, including interpersonal and written communication skills, and the ability to delegate and guide junior staff.

  5. Advanced design talent, problem solving, and technical skills, including knowledge of construction types and technical detailing.

  6. Ability to assemble entitlement, building permit, bid, and construction document sets conforming to agency requirements and office standards for basic formatting and necessary contents.

  7. Substantial project management experience including obtaining agency approval, building code compliance, and construction administration.

  8. Exceptional organizational skills with the ability to effectively plan and manage complicated schedules, budgets, and resources.

  9. Experience running project teams and maintain positive relationships, including communicating and coordinating with staff, consultants, contractors, city officials, and neighborhood groups.

  10. Experience with municipal zoning codes and knowledge of California Building Codes.

  11. Revit, Sketchup, and Adobe knowledge preferred but not required

  12. We encourage licensed or licensure-track applicants.

Project Manager: General Responsibilities

  1. Develops solutions and creates project designs and plans.

  2. Initiates and creates project designs and plans of all phases of one or more projects and has responsibility for preparing presentation and design drawings.

  3. Coordinates all trades and agencies related to building designs while monitoring drawings.

  4. Responsible for coordination of all projects efforts, administrative and technical, to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective execution of assigned projects.

  5. Prepares strategic plans for project success.

  6. Serves as primary liaison contact with clients to complete projects on schedule, within budget, and with maximum client satisfaction.

  7. Actively manages client budgets, schedules, and programs; budget and schedules; project communications and documentation; office administrative tasks; and project teams assignments.

  8. Estimates fees, determines scope of work, and prepares proposals and contracts on the most complex projects.

  9. Provides oversight and monitoring of work of less experienced project managers/Job Captains.

Project Manager: Studio Operations Responsibilities

  1. Develops and monitors quality and production standards for projects to ensure that quality and production standards are met for all design and contract documents.

  2. Directs and monitors project team members and ensures high productivity.

  3. Thoroughly familiar with entire architectural process and should possess managerial capability to lead and direct activities of all project-team personnel while monitoring technical production on all projects to ensure adherence to quality standards at high productivity.


Designer: Requirements

  1. Degree in Architecture from an accredited university

  2. Minimum of 2-4 years of work experience.

  3. General Design Skills

  4. Understanding of 3 dimensional form and space

  5. Broad exposure to all aspects of practice

  6. Ability to Thrive in team and independent working scenarios

  7. Organizational and time management skills

  8. Exceptional communication skills

  9. Experience assembling construction sets

  10. Experience with technical drawing

  11. Experience with Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite required

  12. Experience with Revit and SketchUp preferred

  13. Experience with Lumion a plus

  14. Resilience to handle multifaceted challenges

  15. A drive for constant growth, development and learning

Designer: Responsibilities

  1. Provide and develop design concepts

  2. Incorporate design concepts across scales

  3. Understand and contribute to project objectives

  4. Create accurate models and drawings using Revit and Sketchup

  5. Create renderings using Lumion

  6. Correct drawings from redlines

  7. Ensure project drafting is complete and legible

  8. Perform general studio tasks to assist in various marketing and operations efforts

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