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The ideology that drives Baran Studio Architecture is centered on a multifaceted adaptability. Our resourcefulness and improvisation helps us to make the most of any design problem.

We look to all opportunities and use every tool at our disposal, taking nothing for granted. This openness allows us to maintain flexibility when thinking and designing. We listen to all inputs, which begins with our clients and includes the community, agencies, specialists and potential occupants, as well as the architectural surroundings. For us, context encompasses the natural and built environment, but can also extend to forces as broad as history, politics, culture, and economics. It often includes seeing through a different lens, and embracing the imperfect. Our designs look to these as inputs to shape our architecture.

While our work may borrow from context, it simultaneously looks to a broad underlying ethic and psychology. Our architecture ultimately emerges from multiple layers of place, function and mindset as a continuous tectonic that shifts over time and space.

Because our architecture looks beyond obvious and immediate contexts it requires a process of excavation and extraction. We search the deeper contexts and timeframes our work inhabits. The architecture becomes integral in a suggestive, non-literal manner. We look to a varied process not a fixed style. And since we have no manifesto, it allows the process itself to change along the way, adapting to new ideas as they form. Not only is there is more than one solution to a design problem, there is more than one way to go about solving the problem. Moreover, design is never complete; it continues to evolve after construction ends.

Ultimately, we see each project as an multifaceted opportunity to develop a unique architectural response that will continue to grow and change in time.

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