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Baran Studio Architecture is a diverse group of collaborators, coming from various backgrounds and disciplines. As in our work product and methodology, we remain open to new ideas, which allows us flexibility when maneuvering in a constantly shifting urban environment. We value diversity in all of its forms, as it provides us with multiple perspectives on any given problem. We work closely to support and uplift one another, capitalizing on strengths and shoring up weaknesses.


The studio works as a brain-trust where problems are solved creatively and collectively. To this end, we value our people, as people are where great ideas originate. We limit hierarchy and encourage dissent  so we can all learn and grow. We encourage ownership of ideas, and look forward to improving them. Candor is valued as a resource, and critique is seen as a constructive way to create the best possible architecture.


Our Core Values are:

Grit. Bravery.

We are resourceful, determined and work with care and diligence, focussed on project needs while utilizing collaborative resources. 

We seek excellence in what we do.   As a Studio we have the courage to try new things and push boundaries.  We take on projects that challenge and excite, even if there is risk involved.  We encourage this same bravery in our employees, to share ideas and think outside the norm.


Our Core Values are:

Respect. Flexibility.

There is more than one way to resolve an issue and by considering the perspective of others we can produce the most suitable solution. 

Our team is made up of talented, experienced and very able individuals.  As we interact on projects or within the Studio a level of respect, admiration and support is expected.  This provides a safe environment for people to be brave, share ideas and produce the best possible solutions.  Our flexibility and adaptiveness as a Studio allows us to listen carefully to our client needs and respond with tailored but fluid solutions.  Our team players all contribute their own strengths and experiences.  When needed, everyone is willing to jump in, work hard and achieve the level of excellence our projects deserve

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Our Core Values are:

Creativity & Innovation

Flexibility and an adaptive approach, mixed with a healthy dose of irreverence allows for experimentation and daring rather than sticking with traditional methods.

We encourage growth and advancement, whether through ongoing education opportunities or by staying ahead of industry technology.  Our team’s creative strength is built out of our core values of grit, bravery, respect and flexibility.  A collaborative process is used for brainstorming and problem solving.  Each person is supported and encouraged to embrace their sense of curiosity and their desire for something better.  This provides the freedom to imagine and allows ideas to flow.  We design with respect for the planet.  We design for accessibility, for the  next generation and for the future.

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