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Here you will find access to our free resources and white papers. Scroll down to find the download links.

Baran Studio Architecture Density Guide

Using Baran Studio projects, this guide provides a visual representation to developers and planners on different forms of density. Over the years, we have multiple projects where our dense development resulted in economic, sustainability, and social changes. 

Baran Studio Architecture Modular Construction Guide

This guide provides practical information on detailed technical aspects of what to consider when embarking on a modular construction project. Modular construction is the process by which components of a building are constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designing to the same codes and standards as conventionally built structures – but in about half the time. For more general information on modular construction, see the AIA guide below.

Baran Studio Architecture Real Estate Development Checklist

This guide provides information on common errors and oversights in real estate development. Over the years we've compiled information on lessons we have learned working on projects of all sizes and scope. Topics include Due Diligence, Design Preferences, Project Management, and Permit Coordination. 


Baran Studio Architecture Cost Check Spreadsheets

These spreadsheet include cost information for a variety of projects from small scale residential to large commercial and multifamily projects. While not intended to be used for accurate costing purposed, they provide information on order of magnitude costs and cost categories for various projects in in the markets we serve


Baran Studio Architecture Pro-Forma Templates

These spreadsheets include sample formats and formulas that can help determine if your real estate deal is viable. While they cannot replace the decision making process, with input from financial, construction and design professionals will help you determine the highest and best use for your property.


Baran Studio Architecture Guide to California ADU Law

A supplemental guide to the California Department of Housing Guide. This documents examines the continually evolving interpretation of state law by the various municipalities in which we work. For a 'by the book' interpretation of state law, see the official state document below.

Baran Studio Architecture Covid Office Handbook

A guide developed to help re-establish in person office protocols. Information includes modifications available to augment a variety of workplace settings including workstations, conference areas, kitchens and bathrooms. Most methods are low-cost and DIY.

Other Guides and Handbooks

California Department of Housing and Community Development ADU Handbook

The official guide to ADU law as distributed by the state of California. While this document presents the intent of the law, there are many issues it does not cover, which are left open to interpretation by each municipality. It is important to confer with a local agency or design professional to determine the specific interpretations that may apply.

AIA Guide to Modular Construction

A general guide to big picture concerns when embarking on a modular construction project. Primarily written with architects in mind this is a useful guide for developers and contractors, as well as other design and engineering professionals. 

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