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University Ave

The proposed project is a multi-family apartment with ground level commercial building located in downtown Berkeley. The building’s façade uses a combination of vertical fiber cement planks and stucco. It is designed with varying geometric volumes, with a carved cut on the ground floor that easily differentiates the main entrance and commercial space. This creates an eye-catching, contemporary, modern design that works within the context of its surroundings.

The multi-family apartment structure will consist of several units, each containing multiple bedrooms/bathrooms suite, a common living area, and a kitchen. The building has garden roof deck spaces with views connecting the hills and the bay.

Located in downtown Berkeley, the building is surrounded by vibrant communities. The building is designed to cater to students and young professionals, providing a comfortable living space that connects to its urban fabric. With easy access to restaurants, shops, and parks.

Location: Berkeley, CA
Year Completed: Estimated 2023
Project Type: Multi Family Housing
Program: Rental Units (Market Rate and Affordable)

Project Gallery

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