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Shattuck Lobby

The owner requested that Baran Studio transform their ordinary lobby into something more dynamic. We began with an analysis of movement through the space, and sought to imbue the horizontal surfaces with the qualities of that motion. The momentum of the form was to connect the lobby to the exterior, allowing it to double as an entry marker. The design was therefore continuous from inside to out. The project also had a tight budget, so economy was essential. Plywood was an inexpensive and readily available material that could be manipulated from a static, rectilinear form into a dynamic, undulating one. The form was sliced into sections which were then CNC cut and mounted to a steel structural frame. The result is a project that is modest in scale and cost, but provides a large impact the space.

Location: Berkeley, CA
Year Completed: 2018
Project Type: Office
Program: Lobby Renovation

Project Gallery

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