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These two homes were designed together for two growing families that purchased an empty lot in 2016. They had long been friends, and it made sense to pool their resources and gain some efficiency, while creating a space that would nurture their relationship. It was for this reason that the design began with a central courtyard that both houses would face, rather than attempting to separate the homes and orient them toward private yards. Given that the lot was small and tight against its neighbors, some of much higher density, getting light and air into the space was critical. A simple concept of opening the court to southern light also turns the face of both homes toward the sun. The project simultaneously allows for the needs and expression of the individual families while remaining an architecturally and materially connected representation of their bond.

Location: Oakland, CA
Year Completed: 2018 & 2019
Project Type: Mini Lot Subdivision
Program: 4 BR / 2.5 BA Single Family Homes
Square Footage: 4,262
Units: 2

Project Gallery

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