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MLK 5621

The second phase of development for this site, the new apartment building creates new infill units at the rear of the project site behind the existing 100 year old mixed-use building at the street face. In the project's first phase, the ground floor of the mixed use building was improved with two work-live units. Now complete, this project establishes a new pedestrian oriented residential complex with a surprisingly high overall density, six new units without a single automotive parking space, and could serve as a model for sustainable infill development.
The project takes its form from the property zoning envelope, which allows a maximum height but requires a setback from the adjacent residential zone to the east. Expanding to occupy this allowable buildable area while also setting back from the existing mixed use building to allow access and egress, the new building volume was then configured to contain a mixture of studio and two bedroom units. At the rear building facade, planning code allows certain projections into the required setback so the project includes a mixture of bay and balcony projections to maximize useful interior and exterior open space.
Arranged symmetrically down the building centerline, the building plan consists of two mirrored halves. Two stairs are provided at either end of the structure for access and egress to the upper floors. Two ground floor studio units open into large rear private yards while the second floor studio units include small private decks. The third and fourth levels contain a pair of two-story units accessed on the third level. The third level, which contains bedroom and bathroom spaces, also provides an internal stair that extends to the fourth level living spaces. This fourth level is provided with an extended story height, with a high sloped ceiling defined by the zoning envelope, and a large east facing terrace with hillside views. To the west, bay views capture Mt. Tamalpais and the distant city skyline.

Location: Oakland, CA
Year Completed: 2019
Project Type: Apartment Rentals
Program: Studio & 2 BR Apartment
Square Footage: 4,144
Units: 6

Project Gallery

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