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Hoover Commonwealth

Taking the strict planning and building code requirements of Los Angeles multifamily buildings in stride, the project creates a truly maximal design solution for the transition from a low density existing land use to a modern 4 story apartment building of more than 50 dwelling units per acre. The single loaded configuration with a south facing exterior access balcony provides all units with natural cross ventilation, shaded overhangs to the living spaces, and expansive north facing windows in the sleeping spaces. In addition, the code required shared open space is provided the roof of the project, which has sweeping views from downtown skyscrapers to the Hollywood Sign.
Located halfway between the 101 Freeway and Sunset Blvd, on the border between the Silver Lake and East Hollywood neighborhoods, the Hoover apartment building is also study bifurcated identity. Located on a mid-block lot split between zoning districts, the project is a big building on a small property. Despite its size in direct relation to its neighbors, it is a small project for the city of Los Angeles where the 9 apartment units facing Hoover (and two rebuilt single family dwellings on the Commonwealth side) hardly raise an eyelash in this rapidly growing part of town. As a building type, it is an important element of the long-term housing crisis of the region, and on a local level, it is an anchor of gentrification.

Location: Los Angeles
Year Completed: 2019
Project Type: Apartment Rentals
Program: 3 BR Flats
Square Footage: 16,710
Units: 9

Project Gallery

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