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This project is a comprehensive renovation and reimagining of an existing 1950's ranch house into a modern open light filled home. While the finished house does not resemble the former home, complete with its period fixtures and small enclosed rooms, inspiration was taken from the existing structure to inform the architectural interventions. The existing entry, between the garage and bedroom wing, is now highlighted by large sidelight windows and a linear foyer skylight. The existing overhangs are extended to provide further shade and weather protection, while new single pitch roof lines allow clerestories and new high ceilings. The rear yard, formerly only visible from the living room room via a large picture window is now accessed by a large center part sliding door fully connecting interior and exterior spaces. Finally, there are careful design elements in every space such as the new open kitchen which offers a seamless flow between spaces, a light wood clad set of stairs leads up to the new office / guest loft, and the children's bathroom includes a surprising 'infinity' skylight which adds an element of wonder to a typically mundane space.

Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Year Completed: 2019
Project Type: Single Family Home
Program: Master Suite Renovation & Kitchen
Square Footage: 2,152 SF

Project Gallery

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