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Buena Vista

This home and integrated accessory dwelling unit were designed to specifically take advantage of unusual site conditions. The boundaries of the site are incongruous – no two edges are parallel, which created an opportunity to align to boundaries and create dynamic, yet functional spaces. The resultant folds are reflected in the external form and the interior space. The downslope lot afforded unobstructed panoramic views from the large open rooms though multi-slide doors and windows, and from the expansive living room and roof decks. This connection further enhances the relationship of the architecture to the larger regional context. The open interiors connect vertically as well as horizontally to create a fluid experience from top to bottom. In all the project is an integrated architectural experience that blurs lines between spaces and scales.

Location: Oakland, CA
Year Completed: 2018
Project Type: Single Family House
Program: 3 BR / 2.5 BA + Loft/Office + ADU
Square Footage: 3,245

Project Gallery

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