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6th Avenue

This project is an example of one iteration of an adaptable, deployable design. Each townhome is effectively 5 studios, thereby increasing affordability and decreasing environmental impact primarily by increasing density and decreased parking requirements. The module plan design was established as part of a research project in collaboration with our client. We independently developed a language for the skin. The integrated modules address multiple site conditions (end unit, mid unit, street facing unit, court facing unit, solar orientation, views, etc.). Construction is wood framed and site built, which maximizes flexibility, but the relative repetition enhances efficiency. The intent is to deploy the concept to multiple infill sites throughout the city.

Location: Oakland, CA
Year Completed: Estimated 2022
Project Type: 3-Story Work/Live Town-houses
Program: 2 BR Town-houses
Square Footage: 30,472
Units: 15

Project Gallery

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