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53rd & San Pablo

This dense cluster of 20 units is a unique mix of uses, containing 4 duplex units and 4 triplex units that include ground floor commercial or work / live units. The commercial units face the busy boulevard, and the rear units address the low density residential context of single family homes. The architecture is a response to the mixed programming, reflecting the industrial history of the area along with warmer residential qualities. The design is punctuated with outdoor rooms that provide the spaces throughout with light and air from all sides. Materials intentionally appear as applied as a reference to the notion of architecture as fashion – most of the homes in the area have an applied style. In this respect, the project is fully integrated into its context.

Location: Oakland, CA
Year Completed: 2020
Project Type: MiniLot Subdivision
Program: 2-3 BR Flats & Commercials
Square Footage: 26,947 sf
Units: 20

Project Gallery

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