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Print Publications

"Container Architecture: Modular, Pre fab, Affordable, Movable and Sustainable Living" Andreu Bach, David. Loft Publications, November 2022


"What They're Reading" Interior Design, July 2022

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“Small Firms, Great Projects” San Francisco Architecture, AIASF, 15th edition, 2019, (p. 78)

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“The Great American Single Family Home Problem”, Doughery, Conor. New York Times. December 1, 2017

“New to West Oakland: City Venture’s Station House” Slepin, Cali. ULI San Francisco Blog, April, 2017

“Developers show different ways to approach Oakland plots” King, John. San Francisco Chronicle, March 1, 2017

“Stacked Containers Create Novel Spaces” Firth, Andrea A. Oakland Magazine, February / March, 2017


“Shop Small” Feher, Erin. San Francisco Magazine, February, 2017″

“Mapped: The Bay Area’s biggest construction projects wrapping up in 2017” Fancher, Emily. SF Business Times, January 27th, 2017


“The Soaring Cost of Living in Oakland” Jackson, Candice. The Wall Street Journal, December 22nd, 2016


“Station House: First Major West Oakland Project in 8 Years” Li, Roland. SF Business Times, April 29, 2016


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“Oakland Contemporary boasts modernist facade, welcoming interior.” San Francisco Chronicle / SF GateAugust 7, 2014.


“Editor’s Choice, 2013” Interiors and Sources Magazine. November, 2013


“Modern Effects” Brettkelly, Jody. San Francisco Chronicle / SF Gate. October, 2013


“Energy Efficient Home in Oakland’s Dogtown” San Francisco Chronicle / SF Gate. July, 2013.


“Super Contemporary” San Francisco Chronicle / SF Gate. June, 2012


“The Walk Through: 1089 55th Street” San Francisco Chronicle / SF Gate. September, 2010.

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