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Baran Studio Architecture's process is always contingent upon the project, and design methods remain open so that they may adapt to a particular context, program, site, and/or occupant. The design process includes a range of activities, from walking the site, taking photographs, studying surrounding programs and forms, and extending to mapping, gathering evidence, diagramming observations, creating a collage. Consistent with our design philosophy, we use the resources available, making the most use of the given conditions of the project, whether they are material or contextual.​

The process is non-linear. Methods may be tested, and some discarded in favor of new ones. Previous methods may be revived if appropriate. Further, design continues throughout the project process. Designs may change as ideas form over the course of the project. Design informs a project throughout the construction process as well. Continuity and integration of concepts are essential. Early ideas will be referenced to develop construction details, to ensure the concepts influence the architecture from origins to completed construction.

We are thorough in the execution of our design effort, from the consideration of code requirements to the completeness of our documentation. We specialize in coordination with consultants, regulatory agencies, and contractors. Obtaining permits, and ensuring construction proceeds smoothly are of the utmost importance. Minimizing RFI and Change Orders are the highest priority

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