Shifted House

Screenshot 2016-09-09 13.52.23.pngScreenshot 2016-09-09 13.50.48.pnga1621 Harmon twilight 05.jpgb1621 Harmon 16.jpgc1621 Harmon 17.jpgd1621 Harmon 18.jpge1621 Harmon 01.jpgf1621 Harmon 07.jpgg1621 Harmon 04.jpgh1621 Harmon 02.jpgi1621 Harmon 03.jpgj1621 Harmon twilight 04.jpg

The project is one of several that increase density in Berkeley by building a second unit on a lot with a single existing home. Two volumes are shifted across the site with a third intersecting volume skewed to connect them.  The shift is motivated by an adaptation to the existing conditions, to accommodate existing landscape, as well as the neighbors access to light, openness and privacy. The resultant skew in the interior provides for continuity and playfulness in the space without compromising clarity.  Volumes are connected horizontally and vertically for increased legibility of the overall interior form.