wbw1-edited.jpgws1.jpgws3.jpgws2.jpgwbw1-edited-with trees.jpgwbw2-edited-with trees.jpgc48-DTWS5 20140409-2-edited.jpgwood street elevation sketch-corner.jpgDTWS6 20140409-1-edited.jpgwood street elevation sketch.jpgc40-20140425 - WOOD ST, LANDSCAPE RENDER.jpgWood St Porch Render.jpgws4.jpg

Wood Street Homes


Multi-Unit Mini Lot Subdivision

These houses are part of a mini-lot subdivision, and are separate, single family units that are seen as being carved from a larger whole.  The massing is volumetrically related across the site, and a folded plane winds its way through the project, adapting to individual interfaces between space and environment.  The project borrows materials and colors from the nearby warehouses and industry, including the old 16th Street Train Station.