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AIA East Bay Merit Award for MacArthur Annex

We are excited to announce our MacArthur Annex project has won an AIA East Bay Merit Award for Design. You can find images for the project here.

The jury likened the project to an ‘punk pompidou center’ and the interior to that of a submarine. We are flattered.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who helped make this project a reality. Travis Tarr, Ryan Heath and Cheryl Lima at Baran Studio, Eitan Spanner at Uunlimited, Dennis Gillespie, Landscape Designer Nate Parsley at Green Gallery, Sterling Silver, Steve Steele, Joel DiGiorgio at Farm League and Arthur Mac’s Tap and Snack, Subrosa Coffee and Wylie Pryce Design, Ben Frombgen at BCooperative, EP Building, Contact Records, The Hanged Man Co., La Loba, and Foggy Notion.

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