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Baran Studio Architecture in Italiano

Our Automattic / WordPress project was published on the website for the Italian magazine Domus today:

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Final Word

Finishing up the wordpress offices…


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Wait a Moment

Welding the steel moment frames:

Trenching for plumbing:

2nd floor roof with plywood and tie downs:


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Digging Holes

Some images of the trenching and rebar for the new ADA and seismic upgrades at the Barn.  See the commercial section of the site for more design info…

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Updates from the barn:

The new accessible ramp is under construction.  This ramp, along with the ramp that was previously used for truck loading will connect the main space to the exterior / sidewalk.  The front bar of the building connected by these ramps will serve as the lounge and library, which also tie into the exterior / streetscape.

The steel truss reinforcements are complete.  These were engineered to reinforce and strengthen the existing trusses.  The reinforcement will be painted black and remain exposed; it was arranged in a manner so as to preserve much of the original metalwork.

The design is still developing while the work is in progress, more updates on that later…

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Barn Raising

We have permits and have begun our structural upgrades on the barn in San Francisco!  Here is an image of the open work space:

The future lounge:

The stair to the mezzanine / 2nd floor:

The 2nd floor meeting area:

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