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Open House!

Our Fairview House is on the market this weekend if you’re looking for a new home…




















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Hammer Time






























Things are moving along fast and getting hammered out at Fairview Street, it’s surprising to see a

project move along so fast!  The Exterior Envelope is almost complete, trying to decide on what color

and orientation we want the wood siding. The 18′ Sliding Door is in and makes for great indoor/outdoor

living, ordering the garage doors this week. Interior finish wood on the ceiling is all in and looking good!

Working on getting bathroom fixtures in this week along with drywall will complete the interior.


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Beam Me Up Scotty!

About a month after pouring the concrete foundation slabs, the wood framing is almost all up with the

exception of the roof joist you see here, being lifted into place through the second story window with

only the bobcat and driving skills of the contractor.

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Pour Me a Foundation















It all starts with a good foundation.

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From the dirt…

I call this Plumbing with Bulldozer

More Forms

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Breaking Ground

We just broke ground on our Fairview project.  They are grading the site.

An image of the equipment:

They are sifting through the material to separate fill from compost:

More equipment:



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Design Review

On May 17 we  received our go ahead from the Berkeley Design Review Committee on our Fairview project!  We are on to our next steps.

This design was developed as a mediator between program and context.  Put another way, the architecture is formed from the interaction between the interior space and it’s relationship to the external environment.  The space plan takes into consideration aspects including orientation, light, privacy, and circulation and other elements that depend on the context. The ‘context’ includes solar orientation, site access  and circulation and the surrounding buildings, to name a few.

For example, in the first unit the living space is on the ground floor so as to be more accessible to coming and going, whereas the sleeping space is above, so as to feel safer from the street.  Bedrooms and living rooms are oriented to the rear for privacy and access to light and the outdoors, and service space such as kitchen and bath orient toward the street to act as a buffer, with the exception of a more public ‘common room’.

The exterior reflects these interior spaces – windows at the street are smaller because of the service buffer, and for privacy in more intimate spaces.  The common room is expressed as a large volume cantilevered over the entry, breaking up the mass into smaller volumes, providing shadow lines and detail, and doubling as an entry canopy over the recessed front porch.  The front door sits back to provide a transition into the house.

As for our design review, typically the committee doesn’t look at residential projects, but they do review commercial districts.  We are a residential project in a commercial district, so we went through review. Several recommendations were made by the committee, including what the best stain for the wood might be, and how we might spare a tree, or replace it with a fast growing type.  They also suggested that the project should have a pitched roof.  Fortunately, all these ended up as recommendations as opposed to conditions.  Now we are moving forward to our Zoning Adjustments Board Hearing…

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