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Lights Are Bright On Broadway


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AIA East Bay Design Awards

We received an AIA East Bay Design Award for our Bordertown project on Thursday.

More info here: and photos on our project page:

Some of the drawings and description from our submittal:


The design for this cluster of houses was derived from its use and context.  The form, space, and material connect to the industrial and improvisational aspects of the area, which consists of converted warehouses containing local start-ups and artist’s studios, turn of the Century housing stock that served the early west coast rail lines, the 580 freeway, and an ad-hoc skate park (from which the project derives its name).  The residential and industrial functions are intended to be reflected in the carved wooden boxes and corrugated metal screen.  These elements appear on the interior and exterior of the houses, connecting each residence and corresponding yards into a unified space. To further connect inside and out, the forms are designed to consider the relationship between solid and void.

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Glazed Over

Windows installed on Broadway:

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New project taking shape on Broadway in Oakland.  You can see this one driving by, which is interesting because the city usually wants to hide our designs in the back of a lot.  We have been told that they don’t ‘conform’ to the context.

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