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Grannies Gone Wild: Baran Studio in San Francisco Magazine

We were recently listed as a Granny Whisperer in San Francisco magazine for our work on Accessory Dwelling Units, The Buena Vista project in particular, which is currently under construction. You can find the whole article in their online edition here.

In the meantime, here is a shot of the project as it will soon appear:

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Haskell Street in the New York Times


On Sunday, the New York Times Business Section ran a story on the front page titled Getting to Yes on NIMBY Street. It’s about California’s housing crisis, and how a series of smaller projects can have a large impact in aggregate. It is written around the 3 homes that we designed on Haskell Street in Berkeley as an example of how neighborhoods are rejecting this type of housing and in effect worsening the problem, not just of high housing costs, but of sustainability

The cover image is of another project we did in Berkeley, on 9th and university. It is a great example of how projects like this end up integrating into a neighborhood. When we return, now years after construction, the neighborhood is just as peaceful as when we arrived, and the controversy long forgotten. As more of these projects come to realization, there will likely be fewer words about them in the New York Times; they will become the norm.

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AIA East Bay Merit Award for MacArthur Annex

We are excited to announce our MacArthur Annex project has won an AIA East Bay Merit Award for Design. You can find images for the project here.

The jury likened the project to an ‘punk pompidou center’ and the interior to that of a submarine. We are flattered.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who helped make this project a reality. Travis Tarr, Ryan Heath and Cheryl Lima at Baran Studio, Eitan Spanner at Uunlimited, Dennis Gillespie, Landscape Designer Nate Parsley at Green Gallery, Sterling Silver, Steve Steele, Joel DiGiorgio at Farm League and Arthur Mac’s Tap and Snack, Subrosa Coffee and Wylie Pryce Design, Ben Frombgen at BCooperative, EP Building, Contact Records, The Hanged Man Co., La Loba, and Foggy Notion.



SF Business Times: Baran Studio Designed Townhomes Sell Out

Excerpt from the SF Business Times:

Exclusive: Developer sells out West Oakland townhomes, plans three more projects

Developer City Ventures has sold all 171 townhomes at its Station House project in West Oakland, the city’s only new for-sale development in nearly a decade.

The project, at 14th and Wood streets, opened late last year and had prices from $600,000 to $900,000. Townhomes range from 1,300 to 2,000 square feet, with two or three bedrooms. Oakland’s median home value is around $687,000, according to Zillow.

Patrick Hendry, City Ventures vice president of Northern California, said the project’s proximity to downtown Oakland and the Bay Bridge to San Francisco was a major asset in attracting buyers. The price of the project – about a third of the price per square foot for San Francisco condos – also helped. With low interest rates, some buyers’ mortgage payments were less than paying market-rate rents, said Hendry.

“We underestimated the demand. Our sales pace has been unprecedented,” said Hendry.

Baran Studio Architecture designed Station House. City Ventures is its own general contractor.

On the Market: West Oak 6

Check out the WestOak6, now on the market! More images of the project here.


Baran Studio Architecture with Bob Vila

Check out our project and others on, Rescued from Ruin: 9 Extreme Makeovers You Need to See

MacArthur Annex on 7×7

The MacArthur Annex is in the news again, this time in 7×7. You can check it out here

Baran Studio Architecture in the SF Chronicle Style Section

The MacArthur Annex Shipping Container ‘Creative Community’ was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle Style Section this past Sunday. The focus is on the variety of individual creative businesses that occupy the project, with some discussion of the architectural intent. One of the most exciting aspects of this project is how it reflects an indirect connection to Oakland, not just to the network of shipping containers (which also connect to a much wider, global context), but also how it relates to the culture of small, independent, creative businesses. The project is a great example of layered connections and adaptations, both by design and as the organic architectural evolution.

Check out the article here.


Matt Baran at USC Architecture Generation Next Pecha Kucha

I gave a very short presentation at USC a few weeks ago. For those of you that are not familiar with the Pecha Kucha format, it is intended to be a very focused method for getting an idea across. 20 slides for 20 seconds each to be precise. My presentation was even shorter – 15 slides for 20 seconds each, which gave me about 5 minutes to deliver the idea. More information about Pecha Kucha can be found here.

The video of the presentation is below. There are 20 USC grads in all. I’m 2nd in the lineup, starting around the 6 minute mark. 



Baran Studio Architecture in the San Francisco Chronicle

John King, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Architecture Critic, has written an article on the development happening in and around the Mountain View Cemetery. A number of parcels were recently sold off and are in various stages of construction. Piedmont Walk is one of them.

King had this to say about the project:

“For me, the unapologetic punch of Piedmont Walk is a knockout. The forms are simple but they’re delivered with conviction rather than repetition. And the closer you look the better it gets, with such touches as the outdoor staircases on the 21st century triple-deckers, with a black steel structure and perforated railings that together make industrial chic look almost suave.”:

You can check out the full article here.



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