Station House Construction Update

The office took a tour of the Station House yesterday, and it’s very exciting to see a project of this scale coming together. Models of several of the units have opened, and the exteriors that contain the models are nearing completion. Because of the phased nature of the project, you can see the different stages of construction throughout the site, as though the buildings are emerging from the ground.



They are a reverse ruin of sort. The slabs are poured, and awaiting the frames. In other places, the frames are up, but have not received windows and doors. These look like hollowed out shells, the contrast of the openings against the exposed OSB have a highly graphic appearance. The next set of buildings has the initial layer of weatherproofing, along with doors and windows. These present more of a monolithic representation of the form. The few that are nearing completion have the intended expression on them, highlighting the intersecting volumes.

Stay tuned for more updates…

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