Steel Building

We have been assisting Import Tile in Berkeley with replacing a roof to one of their warehouses damaged by fire. It was quite a thrill to see the roof come up. We worked closely with a metal building company based in Missouri, as well as the installer, Park Avenue Customs.


Steel being set with purlins going. Photo by Park Avenue Customs


photo by Park Avenue Customs

Import Tile new roof under construction

Import Tile new roof under construction

A metal building, which has exacting requirements, and by its nature is essentially a fully prefabricated building, comes into interesting intersections with the site. The roof is grafted onto the existing concrete shell, adapting to the slight shifts in plan and the seismic bracing requirements necessitated by the structural engineer.

Graft of steel to concrete. Photo by Nick Sowers

Metal Building Interior

Metal Building Interior


A metal building provides an infinitely reconfigurable interior. The solution makes sense for the purpose of storing tile on palettes, but what other uses could we find under metal roofs?


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