Robot 5

Do you remember the scene in the movie Big when they create a toy that transforms from a building into a robot, and Tom Hanks proclaims “what’s fun about that?” I might’ve been the one kid that thought it was fun.

Here’s an animation from the first Baran Studio robot in some time. I will do my best to post updates on it’s development.

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  1. Nick April 25, 2016 at 9:55 am #

    The relationship between man and machine seems ambiguous in this scenario. What are the little black figures doing here? Do they exist in a symbiotic relationship, or are they masters of this machine? Or does the machine control them? I want to believe the robot is somewhat friendly, like a nice neighbor who you can borrow a cup of sugar from every now and then.

    I thought your intuition in previous man/machine research was more interesting though: a melding of the two, producing a new thing which is even more ambiguous. Can we see more?