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Concrete Pour

An image of the footing just before the inspection. We poured it today. Should have initialed it. 🙂


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19th Street Update

Just a brief update. We are working on reframing our bay window. The previous design was a straightforward box bay, but the revised version is a form that responds to the site condition by angling itself toward the view.

An image of the bay being reconfigured:


Some bay window debris:


The bay from below:


A sketch to clarify the bay window detail:


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Wild West

This is a project on 34th Street in Oakland that just started construction.  It has a historic designation, and we had to get design approvals from a local historian to show that we would respect the character of the architecture.  However, it has been modified so many times since it’s construction, we weren’t sure what it looked like originally.  Moreover, we felt the form and location of the building lent itself to something new and maybe a little fun.  We did our best to echo the historic content, but in an abstract manner.

The building used to look like this:

Our interpretation was this:

And right now it looks more like this:


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We have just re-started our project on 19th Street and Arkansas in San Francisco after some delays with the city.  We’re excited to be under construction again, and I am hopeful that this is going to be one of our best projects to date.  I am planning to post regular updates to give an idea of how the construction is progressing (hopefully this will force me to post with more frequency).  It will also be interesting to formally document the process, and to be able to look back and see the transformation.

So without further ado…

The existing house looked like this:

And the design, in case you missed it, looks like this:

And the current conditions are something like this:

We have a way to go, but we’re moving forward!

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Barn Raising

We have permits and have begun our structural upgrades on the barn in San Francisco!  Here is an image of the open work space:

The future lounge:

The stair to the mezzanine / 2nd floor:

The 2nd floor meeting area:

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Fresh Press

Well, our project on 60th Street was printed on the cover of the Real Estate section of the San Francisco Chronicle this weekend.  You can find the article here.

This is one of several projects that we have been developing that relate to the urban context in unique ways.  They sit in what might be considered the backyard of a more conventionally planned home.  This essentially creates a new urban form that increases density while still placing a priority on open, outdoor living.  Many planning codes are beginning to allow for this configuration, in recognition of the environmental and other benefits of denser zoning.

The arrangement can be seen of this aerial view of the first project I did in this configuration, back in 2009:

You can see the Victorian at the front of the property, which we restored. This is typical in projects of this type, and it does maintain a visual connection to the street, albeit somewhat superfial and stylistic.  On the other hand, our rear houses are not Victorian or craftsman like their neighbors.  The architecture is still derived from the context, using a more in depth analysis and inclusive of siting, solar access, gardens and open space, height, setbacks, massing and materials.

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